:: Complete series

After seven series, two National Television Awards (Best Drama, Best Actor - Robson Green), and more trials, tribulations encounters, liaisons, ambushes and confrontations than one regiment should encounter, NETWORK DVD is proud to present SOLDIER SOLDIER - THE COMPLETE SERIES. The series will be released as an enormous 23-disc set on 10th October 2005.

SOLDIER SOLDIER made stars out of its leading men - Robson Green and Jerome Flynn - who, as Fusilier Dave Tucker and LCpl Paddy Garvey toured the world and were involved in many of the shows grandest storylines. Never afraid to tackle controversy off the battlefield, SOLDIER SOLDIER became a ratings success due to its winning combination of action, drama and comedy.

The programme also pushed back boundaries, becoming the first British television show to film in South Africa following the end of apartheid. Priced at 109.99, this set is excellent value for money and with Christmas not too far away now (at least that is the message I am getting when I nip to my local supermarket!) it is worth thinking about adding this to the list for Santa.

:: Competition

Network have been very generous in providing me with a copy to give away, and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the complete series is let me know the answer to the following question:

What is the name of the regiment that we are fist introduced to in series 1 that Tucker and Garvey are members?

Due to a type I left the competition running a little longer than anticipated and this just added to the volume of people entering. The answer to the question was The Kings Fusiliers. The winner was T Hatton and your prize will be despatched shortly.

:: Series 4

This four-disc set contains all thirteen episodes from the series and fans of the show will be able to see the further trials and tribulations of The Kings Fusiliers and their loved ones. Created by Lucy Gannon, the series was a massive hit and made household names of its stars.

The thirteen episode series stars Robson Green as Lieutenant Corporal Dave Tucker, a role for which he won a National Television Award in 1995, Jerome Flynn as Sergeant Paddy Garvey, Holy Aird as Sergeant Nancy Thorpe, Miles Anderson as Lieutenant Colonel Dan Fortune and Gary Love as Sergeant Tony Wilson. This was one of the top ten watched shows in 1995 and widely regarded as a realistic and solid portrayal of military life.

This DVD set has a total running time of approximately 650 minutes, and is priced just 29.99.

:: Series 5

Network are keeping up the pace with the release of this hugely popular series, and August sees the complete fifth series making it to DVD.

The nation's best-loved regiment find themselves taking in breathtaking sights such as Sun City and Alice Springs, as they go on duty in Australia and join the new integrated army in South Africa. Once again the squaddies face danger and conflict as they contend with a fireball crash in the outback, a gunpoint siege and a devastating cyclone that threatens a small town. It scored another first for the Soldier Soldier series, being the first British drama series to screen episodes filmed in South Africa following the end of apartheid.

This front-line drama is once again complemented by the on-going developments in the lives of Fusilier Dave Tucker (Robson Green) and Sergeant Paddy Garvey (Jerome Flynn). Tucker's fiery relationship with estranged wife Donna (Rosie Rowell) continues, despite now living apart, while Garvey is forced to confront his past when ex-wife, Nancy (Holly Aird) returns. Combining the sort of hard-hitting storylines and amusing tales that have become a staple of the programme since day one, the fifth series includes stories such as child battering allegations, homosexuality in the forces and a star-studded talent competition.

This 4 disc set has a total running time of approximately 750 minutes, is priced just 29.99, and contains a still gallery as an extra.

:: Series 6

The Soldiers of The King's Own Fusiliers are busy preparing for a move to Aldershot where they will form part of the 5th Airbourne Brigade. They boys have mixed feelings about the move and are warned that the training facing them is far from easy. The King's Own are put through their paces as Platoon Sergeant Chris McLoed gets them ready for their 'P' company training which is acknowledges as the toughest three weeks the army can offer. Can three recruits equal the skills of the paras and Gurkhas in order to succeed?

Action-packed drama follows the soldiers as they are ambushed at gunpoint, trapped by an unexploded bomb and involved in a tank exercise accident. Away from the barracks tension is mounting with a tragic suicide, prejudice of a mixed marriage and the illegal adoption of a baby.

:: Series 7

Under the leadership of whip-cracking new commanding officer Lt. Col. Philip Drysdale (James Cosmo - HIGHLANDER, TROY) the nation's favourite squaddies prepare for battle once more on October 10th 2005.

There's more turmoil away from the front-line as the King's Own Fusiliers face up to a secret abortion, a terrorist attack and an elopement. Meanwhile a gay teenager wants to join the army, a racing syndicate turns out to be more trouble than it's worth, and there's further turmoil with an illicit love triangle.

Series 7 is the final instalment in the award-winning SOLDIER SOLDIER series. Attracting more than sixteen million viewers at its peak, it is a series that was the staple in ITV's schedule in the mid-to-late nineties.