Mine All Mine

Griff Rhys Jones starred in this ITV drama as the bumbling eccentric Max Vivaldi. Mine All Mine is a darkly comic tale of love, betrayal and reality television created by Russell T Davies, the highly acclaimed writer of the TV dramas Bob & Rose, Queer As Folk, The Second Coming, and most recently, Doctor Who.

Max doesn't have much in life, but he does have a dream. According to a faded legal document written in the year 1710, his family owns the whole of Swansea. The will has been passed down through twelve generations and is now framed on the living room wall of the Vivaldi household. His neighbours and friends, even his wife and three children, laugh at Max whenever he brings up the subject of his inheritance - just like his father and his father before him who were both ridiculed about their declaration. The Vivaldi claim is a running joke in this picturesque region of the South Wales coast. Max thinks he owns the Mumbles, everyone else thinks it's mumbo jumbo. that is, until one day his incredible claim is proved to be true.

A Knightsbridge auctioneer Danny Baveystock arrives in Swansea from London to value a family heirloom Max has found in the loft. The 'antique' proves to be worthless but when Danny is told about the framed legal parchment on the wall he is intrigued by the story behind it. He sets about authenticating the will and overnight the head of the struggling Vivaldi family becomes Lord and Master of all he surveys. Life will never be the same again for the Vivaldis, or for the people of Swansea.

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Max Vivaldi has an unbelievable story, one that says that he owns the whole of Swansea. He's got a will from 1710, stating his ancestors' claim to the land and asserting that ownership should pass to the first born son in each generation, and according to Max, he's been cheated out of his inheritance. When an auctioneer from London, is called in to value an antique phone, Max can't resist telling his story, and instead of dismissing the tale the auctioneer decides to stay in Swansea for a few more days while he looks into the validity of the claim. It turns out that the will is authentic, but rather than every inch of land belonging to Max, it actually belongs to his father who is still alive, well, and over-sexed!


Max wants his wife Val to be the first to know, but on getting home all he finds is a note on his pillow - Val has left him. The next day, Val sees Max on TV declaring his inheritance, and because he is still wearing the same clothes as the day before, Val begins to hope that he hasn't seen the note, and decides on a speedy return, and finding the note doesn't reassure her that Max hadn't read it.

Max knows that his father Rico has a rightful claim to the family birthright but is confident he can overcome that and intends to have his father certified insane, but his daughter Candy's best friend, Big Claire, has suddenly taken an interest in the enamoured Rico and is getting in the way. Family rivalries start to come out of the woodwork, with Max turning on Val, knowing she hasn't come back to him for anything other than the inheritance and the celebrations are shattered when Big Claire announces that pensioner Rico has asked her to marry him, and intends to be the new Mrs Vivaldi.


It's Vivaldi day. The day when Max officially inherits Swansea, and the news crews and journalists are out in force. They get mor than they bargained for when Max renounces his title, intending to devote himself to his wife, and hands power over to the rightful owners of Swansea, Rico Vivaldi and his fiance Big Claire. The leader of the council, is horrified at this as MAx would have been bad enough, but Rico and Big Claire would be intolerable, that is until she learns that Big Claire is putty in her hands and more than happy to settle for inheriting a house, a pub and the title of Mayor.

The family squabbles increase and Rico collapsing only adds to the tension and the problems, and Max is persuaded to consider taking back the inheritance to try to make some sort of order with the situation.


Rico's funeral is a dignified affair, despite Max seeing the gathering as an opportunity to announce his initial plans for the new regime in Swansea. Val wants a bigger house, Stella wants planning permission for more amusement arcades, and Gethin wants Max to sign the papers that nominate him as Max's representative at the bank, and all the while, Candy's budding pop star career is being fought over by Big Claire and Mr Digby.

Max breezes into the Town Hall to start work and tells the council leader that she's in charge of keeping the council ticking over while he concentrates on the bigger picture. Stella instructs council leader Iris to get information about Val's affair, so Iris invites Max round for dinner and still smarting over Val's betrayal, Max accepts. Inspired by his son Leo's business acumen, Max drags him out of bed and gets him to help rig up a camera to the television transmitter. With Leo's help, Vivaldivision is born, beaming Max into every home in Swansea. Max finally knows what he is going to do with his power. He is going to be out there and approachable. He is going to open his doors to the people of Swansea.


Max has made the council more accessible, by inviting people to come to his house with their complaints. Vivaldivision expands, with cameras in every room in the house and Swansea residents able to tune in 24hrs a day. Meanwhile things have become extremely complicated with everyone else looking out for what they can get, and during this details of Val's affair come out live on Vivaldivision.

Max agrees with Iris to let the people of Swansea have the vote Max in or Max out. After many ups and downs, and with the vote counting in progress, the Vivaldi's get ready for a celebration. No one is more shocked than Max when the final result is announced. He promises Val that he's looking forward to being with her for another forty years. Val's destiny becomes terrifyingly clear...