December 27 sees the release of Tales from the Green Valley, as a double VHS and DVD. Tales from the Green Valley is a 12-part series that turns the clock back 400 years. Five experts, archaeologists and historians, take on the challenge of running a farm for one year, as it would have been run in the reign of James I. Working without modern tools and machinery they try to turn theory into practice, rediscovering how things were done in the year 1620.

Each episode follows the seasonal tasks of a calendar month on the farm. Wearing period clothes, using tools from the time and working with period breeds of animals, they travel back to a lost world and a forgotten time.

This extraordinary documentary was broadcast on BBC Two at peak time and attracted audiences in excess of three million viewers.

Tales from the Green Valley is being released by Acorn Media as a double VHS and DVD. The VHS is priced at just 19.99 and the DVD which boasts special features including unseen footage, a picture gallery, a 1620 farm calendar and a James I biography, is priced at 24.99.