Linda La Plante's - FRAMED

Headed by an all-star cast, and written by acclaimed novelist Lynda La Plante, Framed is a classic cat-and-mouse tale about gangsters and coppers, and is available on Network DVD. The series was awarded the bronze medal at the 1993 New York Film Festival, Framed, is a taut thriller with rookie cop Lawrence Jackson (David Morrissey) trying to get into the mind of criminal informer Eddie Myers (Timothy Dalton).

Escaped criminal Myers - missing and presumed dead - is discovered under the alias Philip von Joel by Jackson while holidaying in Spain. The devilishly charismatic Myers is brought to justice and extradited back to England following a nerve-wracking Scotland Yard operation. Once back on English soil, Myers says he'll talk - but only to Jackson...

Also starring Timothy West as senior officer DCI Jimmy McKinnes and featuring an early turn for Penelope Cruz, Framed is an explosive crime drama from the pen of the genre's leading light.

Originally filmed as a four-part mini-series and broadcast 27.11.92, 3.12.92, 10.12.92,17.12.92, Framed was re-cut for American audiences as a feature film, as well as being re-made for US TV audiences in 2002 with stars Rob Lowe and Sam Neill.

The DVD has a running time of approximately 200 minutes, a screen ratio of 16:9 and an RRP of 14.99.